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Mr. Spiros K. Karamountzos

Mr. Spiros K. Karamountzos

Mr. Spiros K. Karamountzos is a famous Greek poet and author. He was born in Karya, a village in Argolida. He was a teacher of the elementary education. Now he is retired. He is a member of the “Greek Writers Society”, of the “International Writers Association” (I.W.A.), of the «Poetas del Mundo» – «Poets of the World» and of the “World Poets Society” (W.P.S.). His poems have been translated into English, Chinese, Russian and have appeared in national and foreign Anthologies. His writing has received awards from national and international poetry competitions. He has published the books “WORDS of KARYA” with memories of his village, “KNOWLEDGE LEND WINGS TO INSPIRATION – Spiros Karamountzos is interviewed by  Zacharoula Gaitanaki” (2011) and the collections of poetry: “HALCYONS” (2000), “STROKES OF THE BOW” (2004), “DEWDROPS” (2006), “SHEDDING OF LEAVES”(2006), “SUNFLOWERS” (2010), “POET’S GARDEN” (2013) and «LOOKING FOR A POET» (2013).


Karya Argolidas

Poet’s homeland in Karya of Argolida.


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The days with serenity come to see its sun

lighting up  the stars last night fading them away at dawn.

In the light blue of the Aegean Sea come to see the image of the sun

having the island for a boat with mermaids by its side.

Come to bask all day in Imerovigli,

marks of warmth the sun will send you with its beams.

Who is not going to photograph the sunlit Caldera

waiting agog the sun to go down in the West?

Come a moonlit night to dream away

… by starlight too,  golden gifts of  Nature.

Come for a honey moon you too in Santorini

a step that will judge your future life from now on.


About the poetry collection «POET’S GARDEN» 


SPIROS K. KARAMOUNTZOS is a famous and charismatic Greek poet and writer. His poetry is an open window to the world and all the people. His garden is a beautiful place too. Wandering in it (reading his poem by the same title), we can see a lot of trees and flowers: sunflowers, basils,  carnations, geraniums, dahlia, violets, daisies, chrysanthemums, cyclamens, pomegranate trees, roses, vines, fir trees, almond tress, olive trees, walnut trees, fig trees, bay… The harmony of colours in nature calm us, a wealth of words, feelings, memories and pictures gain our estimation. The poet help us to become more profound too. If we want it, of course.  His poetry is pervaded by love for the nature, people and life. The theologian and writer Mr. Antonis Mentes, writes about this: “In the whole of his poetic work, we read poems with personal deposit of heart, a living testimony of love”. We’ll add that his work has a clear orientation in light and life. The big gift of life. The poet has enclosed in a few or more verses, all “the light of words”, a heartbeat, the blossoming of hope, love’s words, the morning dewdrops, a double joy, an intellectual inquiry, a smile, the past and the present… “POET’S GARDEN” the latest collection of poetry by Spiros K. karamountzos, includes quintessence  of loving poetry and pictures of natural beauty, all priceless of value. His verses are not only a deposit but also a clear proof of an inspired poet and a man of feeling whom it’s worth to know the profundity of his thoughts and his emotions.        (Zoni, Arcadia, June 2013).   


In Karya, Argolida: The poet in his garden with sunflowers.


THE POET –>  Now, that you planted on the earth / seeds with your name, / Poet, what else do you want? /  Reflect on the harvest time.

POET’S GARDEN –>  Poet’s garden is a small heaven on earth / for inspiration, flowering and fruitfulness. / It is an extension of sun lounge, / a wide view into the open sea / and with open horizon eastwards. / A few fruit trees, / green laying out bushes / and many colorful fragrant flowers. / All they are his long personal choice. / Every tree with its symbolism. / Fir tree, almond tree, olive tree, apple tree,/ walnut tree, fig tree, pomegranate tree and laurel. / A big climbing vine and other small vines / have a special place / in his garden and in his heart. / Currant, “fileri”, Muscat, sour grapes and siderites / are some of his favorite eatable variety of grapes. / But there is not a garden – orchard without flowers. /  Climbing roses on fences, daisies, /  hrysanthemums, cyclamens of field, /  sunflowers, narcissus, hyacinths, /  violets, dahlias, chamomile, poppies, / anemones, freesia, origan, tea and other. / Big and small earthen flower pots, / with basil, carnations, gardenias, geraniums / and marjoram /  give other dimensions in the garden’s beauty. / They create not only a superabundance of aesthetics. / The garden tools (hoe, mattock, pick,  / rake), the pruning hook, the saw / and the hedge clippers / in the hands of poet – gardener, / intervene masterly, with patience / and they shape the garden / on a daily and seasonal basis. / An annual frantic feast / of colors, sounds  and fragrances. /  Birdsongs, buzz of the bees / and many other insects, / babble of water, rustling of leaves, / a unique sight and a listening experience. / Season succeeds season, /  with their distinguishing marks. / Early spring and dewdrops, / winter frosts and flakes of snow / and the poet experiences with his senses / the changes of nature. / Pensively, he is walking / with his head bent on the ground, / he goes to and fro. / He looks like swinging / in the space and time. / Often he stops, observes, / he smells a flower, / he tastes a fruit, / he chats with the trees / the butterflies and loquacious birds. /  He dreams with open eyes  / and he takes off for new creations, / according to the stimuli and the weather, / sometimes he lies in the sun / and shrinks in a place sheltered from the wind, /sometimes he comes back in a hurry / to his permanent and favorite chair, / under the deep shade, climbing vine /  near to a stone fountain. / There, it awaits him the round, country, red table, /  full of leaves, flowers, books, copybooks, pencils / and he is getting ready to write. / He drinks a swig of medium – sweet Greek coffee, /  he makes some notes and rubs out some other. / He spends countless creative hours / in his garden / in this cool place, / cultivating, reading and writing. // Blessed poet, / now and for ever, / your garden is in flower, / your mind creates.  (From his collection of poetry “SUNFLOWERS”)

THINGS OF THE PAST –>  High up in the sky I look the cloud  / and I ask it about you / but it weeps / when it speaks  about the past.

SECURITY –> Don’t tread well on wood / and don’t make a new friend / before you are sure enough  /with your mind and your eyes.

THE TARGET –> I try to sing / the great of the “modest” / and in time that I beat / I always step on the ground.

SHEDDING OF LEAVES –> Mind’s shedding of leaves / in the hour of nightfall, /  signs of the sky /  to tell you: Go on!

LOVE –> As long as the small  / hanging oil lamp sheds a light / on the altar of love, /children and the young / can’t have a pale face.

MY GREAT FRIEND –>  My great and dearest friend, / you are a sprig of basil /  and must cuts well the sword / of the young man /  who will marry you.

 THE SWALLOW –>  The swallow of the old days / found a solution / for the home coming, /  with art makes its nest /  to return.

THE VIOLIN –>  A few more strokes of the bow, / with the same violin /  I’ll play and I’m sorry / if I was very tedious.



1- Tell me “I love you” / with feeling and tone, /  nothing else.

2- Chalice / you can brim over / only with love.

3- Beat, my heart,/ only if you are in love. / The fragrance of life.

4- Your love / is anchorage / for all my life.

5- At nights, I go for a stroll / on dream-streets / with my star.

6- Your love is for me / Japanese allspices / before sundown.

 7- Ship’s captain / on the love boat. / With fair wind for ever.

 8- Love street. / At the end there is happiness / for couple of lovers.

 9- Bell’s ring / for me and you. /  Let’s kiss.

10- Love’s words. /  Balsam for hearts / in pain. 

11- With your silence / and the sweetness of your eyes,/ you told me everything.

12- Endearments. / Sweetness and spooning / sweet-sounding words.

13- Moonlit / night  walking / and love’s oaths.

14- A fragrant rose / full of dewdrops. / A gift of love.

15- I dreamt that you allegedly / come back. / Amen, my love.

16- Day by day / I want you most. / It’s a good sign.

17- With minor repairs / a house doesn’t cement. / It needs love.

18-  My flower vase / with your cyclamens. / This is much the best.

19- They went for a coffee / to say… tasteless / love’s words.

20- By the fireside / the hearts can’t warm up / without love.

21- Give joy / with your smile / that it is a jewel for you.

22- Rose – decorated / is the month of love. / “Yes, and pigs have wings !”

23- Use it wisely ! / Your efforts were to a good purpose. / Wishes with love.

24- Love. / With lemon blossoms / welcome it / and without oaths.

25- I sing in a low voice / love’s hymn / for your eyes.

26- Roses / and a kiss on your lips. / Color and taste.

27-  I  was in your life / an interval / of joy and sorrow.

28- Green eyes, / stamps of beauty / on your face.

29- Love’s  boat / does not sail / without waves and capes.

30- For your eyes / I don’t close my eyes. / They are glowing.

31- Ah !  Love. / We forget that it gives us  / life with a kiss.

32- My Astero, / on a high mountain, / near to a summit ridge, / you are shining like a star.

33- Come to see you / high up on the summit ridge, / without clouds.

34- I’ll give you / the key of my heart. /  The honor is mine !

35- I searched for a shell  / to look like you. /  A waste of time.

36- Lemon blossoms / on your hair’s curls / they send a message.

37- Heart’s touch / the words of love. /  And with no cost.

38- For his match / on love’s boat / he pulls at the oars.

39-  If heart of hearts / shiver with love, / they want wedding wreath.

40- Unchangeable / in saltiness of the open sea, / you will live for ever.

41- The first love. / It is for heart the faithful / and the last one.

42- Gypsy heart, / when you are in love, / you live and in a gypsies’ tent.

43- We went for a stroll / holding in our hands / our love.

44- By the fireside / right sparks and flames /warm the hearts.

45- You were telling me / “be patient” / and I followed your advice.

46- Dewdrops adorn / heart of hearts. / Tears of joy.

47- I want to tell you / that I ask for you everywhere./ Incomparable.

48- The almond tree/with blossoms and snows this year. / How you look like it.

49- Bright star / you can lead  us / from the sky.

50- Bright and sunny day. / Nature’s smile / that enchants us.

51- The body owes / to the light its shadow / that follows it.

52- After shower,  / sun smiles / brighter.

53- Sky has / much – oil lamps / the moonless nights.

54- Day break… / The first red spot / on the lips of the Earth.

55- Begins to dawn. /  Get out of the bed with zest. / Good – morning !

56-  Night of dreams / may it never ends / and the stars fade out.

57- “Almont-tree street” / with snows and flowers./ One –way street.

58- Swallow’s chirping… / spring’s song. / A beauty of hearing.

59- Dewdrops. / Water and ornament, / without… clouds.

60- With a smile / say “good-morning”. / How much does it cost you?

61- The chimney / sends a life’s message / with its smoke.

62- Rose,  / you have color and fragrant / but also thorns.

63- Colorful little butterflies  / in the garden. / A joy to behold.

64- My little sparrow, / I thank you for your…  / droppings, too.

65- With Hellas / you transfer to time. / Honor and duty.

66- Father and son / dressed in khaki. /  Long live Hellas !

67- The past is the present  / for the  future. / Motto.

68- Faith and hope. / The boat’s sturdy oars / before the waves.

69- Let’s go, little boat, / to a calm harbor. / Soul’s invitation

70- Tears. / Gushes from the eye’s / inexhaustible fountain.

71- At the seashore, / poets and halcyons / make dreams.

72- The stallion of poetry / gallops in the mind. / Unbridled.  


SUNFLOWER in his poet’s garden in Karya, Argolida. It’s his beloved flower (Photo by Spiros K. Karamountzos). And one (of the two) tortoise in his yard (photo by Mrs. Mary Koulentianou).

χελωνα φωτο Μ. Κουλεντιανού


«Every «Cyclamen» by Mr. Spiros K. Karamountzos, is a dewdrop of poetry.» (Zacharoula Gaitanaki)


Dark clouds / hide the Star for us and / the three  Wise Men.

English translation by Zacharoula Gaitanaki.

%ce%b1%ce%b3%cf%81%ce%b9%ce%b1-%ce%ba%cf%85%ce%ba%ce%bb%ce%b1%ce%bc%ce%b9%ce%bd%ce%b1Wild cyclamens in the forest.

Poem «AMAR» / «LOVE» by Spiros K. Karamountzos in Brazilian. Translation by Dr. Adao Wons, poet & writer from Sao Paolo, Brazil:


Mr. UJJAL GHOSH from «Greek Club KYKLOS», India, translated into Bengali Spiros’ poems:

Ο ΜΠΡΟΣΤΑΡΗΣ:  Ζαλωμένος στον ανήφορο, /  μέρα και νύχτα, / με το δισάκι του χρέους / και της ευθύνης / κρατάς ψηλά το κεφάλι / κι ανεβαίνεις. / Ξέρεις τι θέλεις και που πας. / Με πίστη, με θέληση, με γνώση/ και με αγάπη, πάνω απ’ όλα, / σηκώνεις το φορτίο σου. / Κι εγώ αθέατος συντρέχτης, / μαζί με την ευχή, / την προσευχή μου κάνω, / να έχεις καλό δρόμο / και μ’ οδηγό την Παναγιά / στα τρίκορφα να φτάσεις. / Το πιστεύω. (από τη συλλογή «ΔΟΞΑΡΙΣΜΑΤΑ»).

পথ প্রদর্শক

দিন রাত

বোঝা বওয়া কষ্টসাধ্য,

ঋণের বোঝা


কেবল কপাল উঁচুতে তোলো

আর নিচে নামাও।

তুমি জানো তুমি কী চাও

আর তুমি এও জানো তুমি কোথায় যাচ্ছো।

বিশ্বাস, ইচ্ছা, জ্ঞান

আর ভালোবাসাকে সাথি করে

সবার থেকে উপরে ওঠো—

শুভকামনা সহ

সেই তোমার ভার বহন করবে

সেই তোমার অদৃশ্য সাহায্যকারী।

আমার প্রার্থনা

তো তোমার পথ সুন্দর হোক

পানাগিয়স তোমাকে পথ দেখাক

ত্রিকর্ফায় পৌঁছানো পর্যন্ত।

তাকে আমি বিশ্বাস করি।

ΤΟ ΦΩΣ ΜΟΥ: «Με την καρδιά και με το νου /  και τα γερά σου χέρια  /  μ’ ανέβασες στου ουρανού  / τα σύννεφα, τ’ αστέρια. / Και σ’ άφησα να με οδηγείς,  /  γιατί ήσουν πια το φως μου, / στις άγνωστες στεριές της γης / κι ωκεανούς του κόσμου.»

আমার আলো

আমার হৃদয়, মন সমেত

সারসের ডানার মতো
আমাকে নিয়ে চলো আকাশে 
                                                                        মেঘেদের কাছে, তারাদের কাছে।                                                                    আর আমাকে পথ দেখাবার অনুমতি দাও
কেননা তুমি ছিলে আমার আলোর অধিক, 
এই পৃথিবীর অজানা শুষ্ক প্রান্তরে 
আর মহাবিশ্বের মহাসাগরে।

ΗΛΙΑΧΤΙΔΑ: «Του ήλιου κόρη λαμπερή, / της ποίησης ελπίδα, / στο νου μου χάραξες στρατί /αγάπης, σαν σε είδα.»


সূর্য-কন্যা ঝিকমিক করে—

একটি কবিতার সম্ভাবনা, 
আমার মন খুঁজে বেড়ায় 
ভালোবাসার পথ, তোমাকে দেখামাত্রই।

«ΒΡΑΔΙΝΟΣ ΠΕΡΙΠΑΤΟΣ»:  Στο δρόμο μόνος περπατώ / κι ο νους μου στίχους πλάθει, /
για καθετί που αγαπώ  / απ’ της καρδιάς τα βάθη.

সান্ধ্যকালীন ভ্রমণ

একাকী পথে পদচারণা করি
আর আমার মন নির্মাণ করে কবিতার পংক্তি, 
যা কিছু আমি ভালোবাসি হৃদয়ের গভীর থেকে 
তাদের সকলের জন্য।

and the Poem «IN SEARCH OF» / «ΑΝΑΖΗΤΗΣΗ» of Spiros Karamountzos from his poetry collection «Sunflowers», page 78:


সূর্যের অস্তাচলে যাওয়ার মতো
পথ চলি আমি, সাথী ছাড়া 
আর ভাবতে ভাবতে খুঁজতে থাকি 
কবিতার «তারাদের«

 «I enjoyed the poem. What a great thinking. Many many thanks to the honourable poet Spiros» wrote the translator Mr. Ghosh. 


Spiros K. Karamountzos in the W.P.Q magazine.

δημοσιευμα απο κινα

Poems by Spiros K. Karamountzos (English and Chinese) in the W.P.Q magazine.


Spiros K. Karamountzos in the International Literary Art Magazine «The Moon Light of Corea», with his C.V., photo, «Poet’s Garden» (book’s cover) and 8 of his poems